10 Easy-to-Make Whelping Box Designs You Can Do at Home

whelping box
PFR267 Pregnant Yellow Labrador Retriever lying in wooden whelping box

Are you preparing your home for a litter of puppies? If that’s the case, you can’t let them run loose and damage themselves, but that doesn’t mean you have to shell out a fortune for a prefabricated whelping box. Together, let’s utilize your do-it-yourself talents to create a fantastic whelping box that will satisfy your dog’s every need and then some!

10 Do-It-Yourself Whelping Box Plans

Robust Folding Whelping Box

Materials:(4) 48” x 24” prefinished bullnose shelving boards, (4) 4” x ¾” corner braces, (8) 4” x 7/8” corner braces, 4’ x ½” plywood, (3) 2’ x 4’ x 8’ stud boards, (4) 2” 9OD DWV Sanitary Elbow, (4) 2” PVC Sanitary Tee, (2) 2” x 10’ DWV/40 PVC pipe, screws, and blankets
Tools:Tape measure, jig saw, and a drill
Difficulty Level:Easy

While you won’t always need a whelping box, having one that folds down is a great way to save space if you believe you might need one for your pet’s first litter as well as in the future. That’s precisely what this robust folding whelping box provides. It becomes a one-time task for all of your upcoming litters, and the best part is that making it isn’t too difficult!
The workers at the store can usually cut the plywood for you if you need anything cut, but other than that, all of the equipment needed are very common household ones, so even if you’re not very handy, you can still do this project. Even better, you just need to follow the instructions because the guide will walk you through everything step-by-step.

2. Basic Whelping Box Made of Plywood

Materials:4’ x 8’ x 0.75” plywood, 4’ x 1’ x 1” plywood, 1.5” screws, and self-adhesive contact paper
Tools:Hand saw or power saw, pencil, ruler, staple gun, screwdriver, and a drill
Difficulty Level:Easy

Have only hand tools and nothing else? You can use this straightforward plywood whelping box in place of anything else. You can easily make it yourself if you just gather the necessary materials and make sure you have a few standard household tools.

With the right blankets, you can transform into something a little cozier, and the greatest part is that adjusting the size doesn’t require much work. Just be aware that it doesn’t fold down, so it will take up a lot of room if you intend to store it.

Whelping Box Made of PVC and Wood

Materials:Plywood, PVC pipe, wood glue, wood letters, wood discs, newspaper, and towels

Jigsaw, ruler, pipe cutter, Sharpie, and clamps

Difficulty Level:

this plywood whelping box isn’t the most difficult plan to construct, even though it isn’t as simple as some of the other choices on our list. Additionally, this whelping box opens up a whole new creative path with its customizable design and door options.

If you start with a high-quality jigsaw and are aware of your restrictions, this might be a whelping box that complements the rest of your home’s décor.

4. Large Dog Whelping Box

Materials:½” plywood, smooth grade sheet of 4/8’, (2) 2/4’ lumber pieces, non-removable pin, wood adhesive, and wood screws
Tools:Circular saw and a screwdriver
Difficulty Level:Easy

huge dogs typically produce huge puppies, and large puppies require more room to run around in as they mature. This larger DIY whelping box is ideal for those puppies.

This is another really simple do-it-yourself project; just make sure you have a circular saw or hire someone to cut the plywood to the right size for you. If you intend to use this whelping box in between litters, make sure you have enough room to utilize it and store it.

5. High Whelping Box

Materials:½” x 3” x 4’ Aspen, (2) 1” x 2’ x 4’ edge glued pine, (2) 1” x 2’ x 6’ edge glued pine, 2’ x 2” x 8’ pine, (24) #12 flathead wood screws, (8) #10 flathead wood screws, handle and bolts for the door, 150 grit sandpaper, 220 grit sandpaper, water base sealer, 6” foam roller, 5’ x 7’ rug, 6’ x 9’ linoleum, (2) 1” x 10’ gray PVC pipe, (4) 3-way corner connectors, and (8) t-shape PVC connectors
Tools:#10 countersink drill bit, #12 countersink drill bit, miter saw, jigsaw, drill, screwdriver, measuring tape, pencil, PVC pipe cutter, and a hammer

Difficulty Level:Challenging

This tall whelping box is ideal if you want a larger whelping box with a working door that prevents the mother from entering and leaving. It’s undoubtedly a bigger choice, and bear in mind that you will occasionally have to let mom out if she is unable to do it on her own.

This may not be the best plan for you if you’re not the most handy. It takes accuracy and technological know-how to put it all together, in addition to a few more sophisticated technologies.

6. Whelping Box for Kiddie Pool

Plastic kiddie pool, zip ties, and (2) foam pool noodles
Difficulty Level:Easy

There are easy do-it-yourself crafts and this kiddie pool whelping box. For smaller puppies, it will do the job just fine, but it won’t win any awards for durability or beauty.

You may move on to other things and save a little money by having it built quickly. This DIY whelping box is perfect for you if you’re not the traditional do-it-yourselfer and just want the job done!

7. Wooden Whelping Box Removed

Materials:(6) 48” x 23.75” x 0.75” shelving material, (50) #6 2” drywall screws, 48” Blue Hawk double track, (4) 90 degree 1 ½” PVC elbows, (8) 1 ½” PVC tees, (8) 1 ½” PVC couplers, (2) 10’ 1 ½” PVC pipe, (8) 1 ½ PVC bushings, melamine veneer edging, PVC primer and glue, and whelping pads
Tools:Table saw or circular saw, 1/8” drill bit, countersink bit, cordless drill, Philips screwdriver bit, grinder with cutoff wheel attachment, jigsaw, square, PVC cutting tool, and a heating iron
Difficulty Level:

You’re not alone if you want to build your own whelping box without using plywood; this project can help you with every step of the way. It’s another do-it-yourself project that needs a lot of equipment and technical know-how, but the finished product is stunning if that describes you.

This whelping box is big enough to hold most mother dogs and their puppies inside, and it even has an opening door that you can use to enter and exit without having to climb over it.

8. Whelping Box with MDF Panel

Materials:4’ x 8’ x ¾” MDF panel, paint, fabric, screws, and a latch
Tools:Circular saw, right angle, Dremel, pencil, measuring tape, paintbrush, and a jigsaw
Difficulty Level:Moderate

Who says you have to choose between DIY projects that are unbelievably difficult and unsightly? Get the best of both worlds with this MDF panel whelping box. Compared to many other do-it-yourself whelping boxes, this one is more simpler, and you can still customize it with different materials.

Additionally, a folding door is included so mom can enter and exit without having to leap over the edges.

9. Whelping box made of particleboard

4’ x 8’ x 5/8” particle board, (2) 5/8” x 22” x 40.75” particle board, (2) 36” x 1 3/8” hardwood dowel, (2) 48” x 1 3/8” hardwood dowel, (2) ¾” x 2” x 48” pine strip, (2) ¾” x 2” x 32” pine strip, (24) 1 ¼” wood screws, (16) 1 ¾” wood screws, (2) ¾” x 15’ x 4’ round molding, (2) ¾” x 15’ x 3’ round molding, 1” finishing nails, 2” x 2” x 8’ pine, and urethane vinyl
Jigsaw, circular saw, hammer, clamps, drill, measuring tape, and a pencil
Difficulty Level:

All you might need for this do-it-yourself particle board whelping box is a blueprint if you’re handy with your hands. Making it is a little more difficult, and that would be the case even in the event if a comprehensive tutorial were provided.

As it stands, these plans provide a clear explanation of how everything is assembled, but it is up to you to continue your investigation after that. For seasoned do-it-yourselfers, that’s ideal, but not so much for novices.

Deluxe Handmade Whelping Box

(2) 4’ x 8’ x 5/8” plywood, (4) 2’ x 4’ x 60” lumber, 1 quart of polyurethane varnish, (8) three-sided corner brace, steel tee nut, and stainless-steel head socket cap screws
Screwdriver, hex drive bit, table saw, drill press, ¼” wood bit, ½” wood bit, 45/64” spade or Forstner bit, router, ½” straight router bit, and a 3/16” round-over bit
Difficulty Level:

If you’re anything like us, you want to get things perfect the first time around. This plan is designed to accommodate that kind of mindset. Although creating this upscale DIY whelping box isn’t easy, once you’re done, it will seem like the finest of the best.

Just remember that the supplies will be more expensive and that you will require more sophisticated tools. We don’t advise doing this as your first do-it-yourself project because it will also require some technical know-how and experience.

Last Words

Whatever option you choose, we’re sure you’ll feel proud of yourself for doing it yourself and saving money, not to mention giving mom a cozy place to nest, give birth, and raise her litter. There’s something really satisfying about building something yourself. So, why do you hesitate? Decide which strategy is best for you, then set to work!

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