49 Well-Known Chihuahua Mixes: Images, Details, and Background

chihuahua terrier mix

Do you adore Chihuahuas but have your sights set on a mixed breed adoption? You’re fortunate. There are several Chihuahua mixes in the globe. You get the feistiness of a Chihuahua mixed with whatever the other dog is like with this kind of mixed breed, which is always a gamble. On the other hand, you’re more likely to locate one of these mixes at a local shelter if you truly adore the Chihuahua breed and don’t care that much about buying a purebred dog. This way, you’ll be giving a pet in need a loving permanent home.

Now without further ado, let’s explore 49 unique chihuahua mixes you may encounter.

chihuahua terrier mix

The 49 Well-liked of Chihuahuas

Small Mixes

Pomchi (Pomeranians + Chihuahuas)

chihuahua terrier mix

You will have a great time if you purchase a Pomchi. Dogs with a bold, self-assured attitude that you didn’t ask for are pomchis. Maybe they keep all the sass hidden in the fluffy tail that comes with this combo.

2. Chorkie (Yorkie + Chihuahua)

chihuahua terrier mix

A cute cross between a Yorkie and a Chihuahua, a chorkie can be more laid-back and loving than other chihuahua mixes, but they can still be mischievous like Yorkies. Compared to other mixes, this one is significantly smaller, so you can easily fit a Chorkie in a tiny carrier.

3. Rat-Cha (Rat Terrier + Chihuahua)

Rat-Chas are a cross between a rat terrier and a chihuahua. This blend ensures that you never get bored. They are curious and fearless, and when given the chance, they will attack small prey. With any luck, the Rat-Cha will still have its long, silky ears and lovely Rat Terrier spotted markings.

4. Shi-Chi (Shih Tzu plus Chihuahua)

chihuahua terrier mix

The Shi-Chi is a cross between the loving Shih Tzu and the Chihuahua. Shih Tzus often have long, silky hair that looks great with Chihuahua fur that is lengthy. Shi-Chi’s are slightly bigger than typical Chihuahuas and can be just as energetic.

Chi-Poo (Poodle + Chihuahua)

chihuahua terrier mix

Regarding the Chihuahua Poodle hybrid, one thing is certain: allergy sufferers will love these dogs! If you’re not interested in adopting a Doodle, a Chi-Poo might be more your style. Both breeds produce lively, clever puppies, and because the Poodle parent is smarter than the other, your dog should have a more eager-to-please temperament. Keep in mind that, while a larger breed like the Standard Poodle is conceivable, their modest stature most likely stems from the smaller Poodle breeds.

Jack-Chi, a mix of Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua

chihuahua terrier mix

You’re always on your toes with this entertaining mix of a Chihuahua and Jack Russell Terrier. This dog is inquisitive, quick, and vigilant. They are quite alert and know exactly what they want, especially when it comes to defending their property. When introducing these breeds into families, exercise caution since they may be fearful of little children.

7. Chug (Pug + Chihuahua)

chihuahua terrier mix

Pugs, who are distinguished by their quirky nature and large build, add a unique charm to this Chihuahua hybrid. Their large, protruding eyes and charming demeanor will win you over. But be caution—they’ll exploit that cute smile of theirs to get away with mischief! In the end, the Chug is a wonderful dog to have in the family, but you should familiarize yourself with a few typical health issues associated with brachycephalic breeds.

8. Chiweenie (Dachshund + Chihuahua)

chihuahua terrier mix

Like their better half, chiweenies are long and slightly plump with characteristically long legs. However, just like their Chihuahua counterparts, they are perceptive and don’t hesitate to express their opinions. Chiweenies do best in families with older children or no children at all because of their attitudes.

9. Cheagle (Beagle + Chihuahua)

A well-liked designer breed, the Cheagle is a hybrid between a Chihuahua and a Beagle. This dog still has his renowned long beagle ears, but he is a little overweight. They have a gorgeous double coat, a huge head, and a pointed nose. Cheagles often inherit the Beagle howl and can be lively, gregarious dogs.

Malchi (Maltese + Chihuahua)

A cross between the Maltese and the Chihuahua is called a Malchi. This combination is little, kind, and affectionate, yet it also has a brazen demeanor and enjoys flaunting. Malchis come in a variety of hues and fur lengths, with pure white and tan being the most popular. Malchis thrive in households without children and with adults only because of their small stature, which leaves them vulnerable to severe harm from improper handling.

Chion (Papillon + Chihuahua)

Small and gregarious, the Chion is a cross between a Papillon and a Chihuahua. Although they can be a little irritable, they can get along well with children and other pets if they are well-socialized. Additionally, to maintain their beauty, Chions’ medium- to long-length hair needs to be brushed every day.

Chipin (Min Pin + Chihuahua)

Fun, active, and full of energy, chipins are excellent apartment dogs that make wonderful family companions. This dog, also known as a Minchi or Pinhuhua, has a short coat that is often black or tan in color. Although they are quite territorial, chipins are excellent watchdogs and adore people.

Boston Terrier + Chihuahua = Boston Huahua

Among the cutest mixtures of Chihuahuas are Boston Huahuas. These canines are energetic, affectionate, and playful. While Chihuahuas are known to be the complete opposite of “polite” dogs, Boston Terriers are recognized for being affectionate, yet this hybrid breed still has the guard dog instinct. Additionally, they thrive in compact households with older kids.

Italian Greyhound (Italian Greyhound + Chihuahua)

A hybrid between the Italian Greyhound and the Chihuahua is known as the Italian Greyhuahua. These dogs adore people, but you must make sure they receive the correct socialization. They are, however, also incredibly smart. Potty training can be difficult for Chihuahuas due to their obstinate nature, but with the right patience, they can be a wonderful addition to any household.

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